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Three babies in super soft pajamas

Our WHY is your “OMG, this is so cute!”

At Kiki +Lulu, we’re all about bringing big joy to the littlest moments. Especially when that little moment includes your littlest love. Your baby is a baby for like five minutes, so we don’t think you should settle for anything less than clothes you LOVE. We make incredibly soft, temperature-regulating, easy-on-sensitive-skin bamboo baby apparel, featuring exclusive designs from artists across the world. We always keep things fresh, fun, exciting, and oh-so-adorable. With Kiki + Lulu you get to soak up all the cuteness, joy, and love you can get, while your baby is comfy, cozy, and crazy cute.


About the clothes

Tried and true, for your little boo.

Here’s the scoop you’ll want to know; we went to work trying out countless (seriously tons) of bamboo sambles, zippers, and snaps before finding the perfect combination to carry the Kiki + Lulu name. We’re not messing around here. With Kiki + Lulu, you know you’re getting the highest quality goods, the safest fit, and softest snuggles out there. [testimonial] We’re so confident you’ll see and feel the difference, we let you feel it first. Go ahead and grab that little number in the print that brings you joy. If you receive your Kiki + Lulu and don’t fall in love, send it back unwashed and unworn for a full refund. For real.


About the art

One of a kind, just like your peanut.

Mass produced, big box designs can be cute. Buuut...they’re everywhere. Baby clothes that use the same prints and patterns over and over are missing that something special. That’s why we keep things fresh, fun, and oh-so-adorable by commissioning our designs from real independent artists around the world. Babies change fast and so do the designs featured on our incredible bamboo apparel! Be sure to grab the print you love, before the moment passes.

"Just discovered your new line and I am OBSESSED!!!!"

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Baby in Leopard Bamboo Pajamas

About our community

Not just onesies: Funsies.

Not only do we bring big joy to life’s little moments with amazing baby wear, we bring big love to our people. Life is happening fast, but the days can feel long. You deserve as much joy, love, and support you can get your hands on. Join our Facebook Group to get baby fashion inspiration, tips, tricks, and straight up fun. PLUS, you’ll be the first to find out when we have new product and print drops, and exclusive access to sales.


"New favorite baby brand! You've got a life long customer in me."


Founders of Kiki + Lulu

About Us

The family who works together, slays together.

Here’s a glimpse at the faces behind Kiki + Lulu! Life is all about family, love and the work that we do together is just a natural extension of that. We started Kiki + Lulu in the summer of 2020 because we wanted to show the cuteness with everyone. Yes, we have fun and get a lot of work done, but what makes us glow is caring for our customers. We are dedicated to top notch customer service, and are always here for you if there’s an issue, big or baby sized. We’ve got your back. That’s why our family is here, and we’re so glad you’re here too.

"Can you make these it adult sizes? Holy cow, they're soft."

About you and your favorite little nugget

Babies are babies for like five minutes. Don’t put them in anything you don’t absolutely love.

Step by step recipe for a freshly baked cutie pie;

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